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Prostate massage Prague


Prostate health massage for men





I provide basic and special healing process and prevention of male prostate.

I offer expertise, discretion, an individual approach, the possibility of consulting your state of health, a pleasant environment.



Massage will restore your inner peace, life force and full-fledged joy in life.

I designed the massages to release, connect and repair the less important levels of life blockages, which are closely linked and each depends on the health of the other. Physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Welcome to my website Martina.


istockphoto-1438071907-612x612.jpgYou can look at massage from a purely health point of view, or we can create a sensual ritual or discover new dimensions of your intimacy... Offer and price of massages.

I have never had a medical prostate massage. Is the massage uncomfortable or painful? … Frequently asked questions about prostate massage.

Prostatic orgasm is more different than penile orgasm, both emotionally and physically... Prostatic orgasm.

Are you having a prostate massage for the first time? ... How to make an appointment for a massage.

Are you expecting a visit to the urologist and are you wondering how the examination at the urology will take place? Or are you still hesitating to order due to uncertainty?... Your first experience.


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