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Prostate massage


Holistic healing is the lifestyle we choose. Be open to all aspects of life. It is not a quick healing, although those who can do it inspire us and push the boundaries of possibilities.


How to order a massage

Please contact me by SMS or email. Write the day and time of arrival, which massage you have chosen and I will write you back as soon as possible. If I don't answer, I massage and answer as soon as I'm back on the phone. I always reply to email messages in the evening.

How to prepare for the massage

Lighten your diet a day before the massage. In the morning make intimate hygiene. Drop your shame and trust the masseuse.

My approach to massage

 I respect its boundaries and I only get a direct massage after I have received oral or verbal consent. If the client has mixed or unpleasant feelings and wants to end the direct massage, I go back and finish the prostate massage by indirect massage using reflex therapy.

The course of the massage

Massages are conducted individually according to the health needs and possibilities of the client, which are arranged at the entrance interview. I massage on a massage bed or futon in a room exclusively for massage. For safety and hygiene reasons, massage the prostate in latex gloves.

Basic points of the massage: Entrance interview, possibility of refreshing in the shower, tuning the atmosphere of the massage itself, direct prostate massage, ending the experience, farewell.

How often to go for a massage

Prevention 1x in a month. In acute problems 3-4 times a month and continue 1-2 times a month. Positive release effects can be felt after 3 massage treatments.

Health benefits of massage

Massages have preventive effects on prostate disease and delay the onset of prostate enlargement. When performing antibiotic therapy or using other drugs, the effectiveness of the active ingredients on prostate tissue is significantly improved. They also perfuse the prostate and the organs of the pelvis. They supply the gland with nutrients and oxygen. They improve the delivery of oxygen to prostate cells. They remove pathogens of various infectious diseases. They improve the regeneration of prostate processes. It solves some types of impotence and premature ejaculation. They diversify sexual life and provide interesting relaxation and relaxation.

When to skip massage and consult a physician

If it is happening to you: Late stage of prostatic adenoma, cysts, acute prostate inflammation, stones and prostate malignant processes. Acute inflammatory disease of the rectum - colitis, hemorrhoids, infectious disease accompanied by increased body temperature. Any infectious processes in the pelvic area.