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We can look at massage from a purely health point of view, or we can create a sensual ritual or discover new dimensions of our intimacy. All types of massages that I offer here have a common intention ... to start healing processes in the body.


  • istockphoto-1438071907-612x612.jpgPreventive health massage 30 min/ 1000 CZK

Benefit of massage: Prostate massage helps empty the fluid from the prostate and thus prevents possible inflammation. There is blood flow to the prostate and in the pelvic area. Relieves tension in the pelvic area. It helps with ongoing pharmacotherapy, as massage improves the penetration of antibiotics into the tissue. Always consult a doctor.

The massage includes: Relaxation of the muscles in the loins and pelvic floor. Dam massage. Prostate health massage.

Massage does not include: Intimate penis massage.

This massage serves as a health massage for men who have prostate problems. The massage is aimed at intensive cleansing of the prostate glands. I do not recommend the massage for men who have never had a prostate massage. For beginners focusing on health benefits, I recommend choosing at least a 1-hour massage so that you have enough time to relax.


  • Health Relaxation massage 1 hour/ 1600 CZK

A combination of health massage with pleasant body relaxation.

The moment we bring a greater degree of relaxation into the body and build a sufficiently large window of tolerance, then many problems cease to be problems and the symptoms disappear.

The massage includes: Relaxation of the muscles in the loins and pelvic floor. Oil massage of the back and buttocks. Prostate massage with gentle lingam stimulation.

Massage does not include:  Intimate penis massage.


  • Prostate meditation massage 1.5 hours/ 2300 CZK

Meditation massage is suitable for men who are just starting out with prostate massage. The massage is very gentle and will lead you into a deep connection. It will be enough time to assimilate your first experience.

Choose a massage even if you want to stop for a while and release the accumulated stress tension in the body.

Massage includes: Relaxation. Meditation techniques for a deeper massage experience. Oil body massage. Prostate massage. Intimate penis massage.


  • Experiential prostate massage 1.5 hours/  2600 CZK

Experiential massage will be enjoyed by men who already have experience with prostate massage and experience very pleasant sensations during it. Which techniques I will include more in the massage, I always agree together with the client during the meeting. If you allow yourself and give space to a new experience, you can experience really interesting states of excitement during the massage, which will lead you to a very intense feeling of the whole body. I highly recommend this massage to anyone who has decided that they would like to explore new dimensions of their sexuality more deeply.

Massage includes: Relaxation and oil body massage. Massage techniques and objects to enhance the experience. Prostate massage. Intimate penis massage.


  • Anal mapping and relaxation 1 hour/ 1600 CZK

Are you still in pain and the prostate examination is negative? Myalgia belongs to abacterial chronic inflammations. It is caused by painful stiffening of the muscles of the pelvic floor or chronic pain in the area of the lumbar spine. Spasm release and relaxation exercises often relieve the problem.

Anal mapping is used to identify and locate where withdrawal or pain is coming from. A gentle massage technique relieves pelvic tension and alleviates pain, increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, or aligns the coccyx to the correct position.

Massage includes: Relaxation. Stretching and relaxing the muscles in the lumbar region. Warming up and relaxing the pelvic floor. Anal massage. Final relaxation.

Massage does not includeIntimate penis massage


Massage, meditation and experiential therapies are designed to release, connect and repair the lower levels of life blockages, which are closely linked and each dependent on the health of the other. Physical, mental and spiritual levels.