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Offer and price massage




Basic prostate health massage 45 minutes / price of massage 1000 CZK

What awaits you in these 45 minutes: Relaxation in the pelvic area, perineum massage , direct prostate massage.


 manualni-lecba-prostaty-drenazni-manipulace-prostaty-elektricka-aktivita-drazdeni-muzskeho-bodu.jpgProstate massage in the form of relaxing massage 60 minutes / price of massage 1500 CZK

What awaits you in these 60 minutes: Full body oil massage, gentle lingam stimulation, perineum massage. direct prostate massage.


 manualni-lecba-prostaty-drenazni-manipulace-prostaty-elektricka-aktivita-drazdeni-muzskeho-bodu.jpgRelaxing massage - relaxation on the psychic level. 90 minutes / price of massage 2000 CZK

What awaits you in these 90 minutes: Relaxation techniques for releasing and dissolving stress overload, full body oil massage, perineum massage, gentle lingam stimulation, direct prostate massage. Choose a massage in case of psychological disharmony.


 manualni-lecba-prostaty-drenazni-manipulace-prostaty-elektricka-aktivita-drazdeni-muzskeho-bodu.jpgMedical package of prostate massage 1x 60 minutes plus 5x 30 minutes / price of massage 4800 CZK

A 30-minute massage can only be ordered as a discounted 6x massage package. Massage is on the advice of a physician as a help to his prescribed treatment. The package is valid after purchase for 60 days from the first visit.

What awaits you in these 60 minutes: An interview and your first massage.

What awaits you in these 30 minutes: Relaxing and attuning to direct massage, perineum massage, direct prostate massage.