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Offer and price massage


       Health massages and gentle stimulation techniques.

I designed the massages to relax, connect and correct the most important levels of life blockages, which are closely linked and each depends on the health of the other. Physical, mental and spiritual levels.


Preventive prostate health massage    30 min/ 1000 CZK
Use massage as prevention or as an aid and therapy for ongoing pharmacological treatment.
/ Consult a doctor /
The massage includes: Relaxation in the loins and pelvic floor, perineum massage, direct prostate massage. Massage does not include intimate massage.

Relaxation prostate massage    1 hour/ 1600 CZK
I recommend a relaxing relaxation massage to men with a sedentary job, active sportsmen or men with constant pain in the lumbar region.
The massage includes: Relaxation in the loins, pelvic floor muscles, hips and buttocks.
Perineum massage, direct prostate massage, intimate massage.

Prostate meditation massage    1,5 hours/ 2300 CZK

In this time chosen by you, I will fully devote myself to relaxation not only on the physical level, but also on the psychological level.

The massage includes: Relaxation and meditative gentle techniques to relax, calm and dissolve stress overload. Oil massage of the whole body, perineum massage, direct prostate massage, intimate massage. Choose in case of psychological disharmony.


Experiential prostate massage    1,5 hours/ 2600  CZK 

The massage is intended for men who have an erogenous zone in the perineum, prostate or anus. Time is therefore mainly devoted to these areas.

The massage includes: Individually selected massage techniques and items to enhance the prostate massage experience. Full body oil massage. Intimate massage. If you want to experiment more and discover new dimensions of sexual satisfaction and integrate it into your life, choose this experiential massage. If you allow yourself and give space to a new experience, you can experience a really interesting state and sensation of your body.