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Offer and price massage


       Health massages and gentle stimulation techniques.

I designed the massages to relax, connect and correct the most important levels of life blockages, which are closely linked and each depends on the health of the other. Physical, mental and spiritual levels.


  • Basic prostate health massage    30 minutes / price of massage 1000 CZK

What awaits you in these 45 minutes:  Relaxation and relaxation in the pelvic area, dam massage, direct prostate massage.


  •  Prostate massage in the form of Relaxing massage    60 minutes / price of massage 1500 CZK

What awaits you in these 60 minutes: Full body oil massage, gentle lingam stimulation, perineum massage, direct prostate massage.

  • Meditation massage - relaxation on the psychic level   90 minutes / price of massage 2000 CZK

What awaits you in these 90 minutes: Relaxation techniques for releasing and dissolving stress overload, full body oil massage, perineum massage, gentle lingam stimulation, direct prostate massage. Choose a massage in case of psychological disharmony.


  •  Medical package of prostate massage     1x 60 minutes plus 5x 40 minutes / price of massage 5000 CZK

A 40-minute massage can only be ordered as a discounted 6x massage package. Massage is on the advice of a physician as a help to his prescribed treatment. What awaits you in these 60 minutes: An interview and your first massage. What awaits you in these 30 minutes: Relaxing and attuning to direct massage, perineum massage, direct prostate massage.


  • Craniosacral therapy             90 minutes  / massage price 2000 CZK

Cranio-sacral therapy is a very pleasant, gentle relaxation technique such as energy massage. Helps find and solve problems. Regenerates and restarts the nervous, immune and hormonal systems.

 What awaits you in these 90 minutes:  Consultations, work with the body and intimacy, touch and connection, intimate massage, relaxation.