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Frequently asked questions about massage


You often ask...


Is the massage uncomfortable or painful? I have never had a prostate massage.

You can certainly experience strange feelings as a beginner. It's natural. For the first time, you are opening a very sensitive topic of your intimacy not only to the masseuse, but also to yourself. The unfamiliar space, the masseuse you are seeing for the first time, and the course of the massage itself will be new for you, and many of you need more time for assimilation. Health massage is slightly uncomfortable due to the pressure exerted on the prostate. It shouldn't hurt though. If, despite the relaxing techniques of the masseuse, you have any deep discomfort, the massage will be terminated and completed with an external massage.


Is the testicle massage included in the massage?

Yes. A testicle massage is included in every massage you choose. It is very important that this organ also receives care.


I am ashamed that I will have an erection during prostate massage. It is common?

Every man experiences a massage differently. Some people get an erection during massage, some don't. Do not worry. If you get an erection during the massage, it's definitely okay.


Can ejaculation occur during massage?

It depends on what type of massage you choose for yourself and how much you are ready to open up at a given time. Ejaculation is not an obligation or goal of massage, but it often occurs. I recommend avoiding any goal-oriented expectations. If ejaculation comes spontaneously, it is welcome. If an erection does not occur during the massage, or there is weak energy for ejaculation, the massage is finished by me.


What does he massage the prostate with?


For health massage, I use only fingers for greater sensitivity. For experiential massages, I also use tools after agreement with the client.


How long have you been doing prostate massages?

For 12 years, I encountered prostate massage during Tantric massages. With a professional focus of 6 years.