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Prostate and sex life


The prostate is very susceptible and perfectly reflects all the ailments we inflict on ourselves. It is one of the first organs that I loudly inform that something is wrong in the body.

Prostate health is a very tricky matter. During sex, it fulfills the function of "sperm trigger" - polucion - thanks to the pre-ejaculatory fluid. All men should therefore try to keep their prostate healthy as long as possible, because any problems with it are directly related to the strength of the erection and the overall ability to have sex and enjoy sex or erotic games.

Regular sex is a prevention of prostate disease, it acts as a prevention of inflammation and benign enlargement of the prostate. Elderly men with prostate problems should therefore not have an unnecessarily long pause between ejaculations. The prostate gland needs to excrete its rewards to prevent repeated inflammations. It is ideal to treat yourself to this medicine at least once a week for up to ten days. Regular sex in any form, including masturbation, is beneficial for health. A person then has a healthier mind, partially relieves stress and releases endorphins, which induce a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. In addition, it helps to maintain the level of sex hormones, including the often mentioned testosterone.

If a man does not have a satisfactory partner life, he can replace it with autoerotics or targeted prostate massage. Regular sex, even in the form of masturbation, brings many positives to the body.

Sexuality needs to be taken care of so that it does not become commonplace. With erotic aids or a change of location, it is possible to diversify your love life and go towards a better experience and excitement. Using stimulators to massage the prostate can have a beneficial effect on its condition. However, it is certainly not necessary that every love-making in a man be associated with a prostate massage. It should rather be an exceptional experience that a man indulges in once or twice a month. The massage does not lose its uniqueness and the man has something to look forward to.