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Rehabilitation after prostatectomy




Massage therapy to restore sexual health after partial or complete removal of the prostate.

The goal of rehabilitation is to increase your orgasmic potential to restore mental health to mental well-being, to completely restore the health of the penis and the man's ability to achieve an erection in a natural way.
An important component of massage is learning to realize your full orgasmic potential. Be in full contact with your physical body and experience. Focus your attention and energy where it multiplies and delivers the expected results.

With a gentle approach, patience and sensitivity, an erection will be induced:
Exercise of the penis and its blood circulation, energetic connection of the mental body with the physical, activation and development of sexual strength, deep experience, oil massage for total relaxation.
Rehabilitation has helped many men restore their sexual health, but they need determination, perseverance, effort and faith in a positive outcome.

Rehabilitation price 1 hour 1500 CZK    1.5 hour 2000 CZK